Quick, Effective Vulnerability Assessments Scans

Easily test your systems for known exploits and vulnerabilities.

Quick, Effective Vulnerability Assessments Scans

Easily test your systems for known exploits and vulnerabilities.

Do your part and deny hackers a foothold.

Gain a fast, accurate security overview with our Vulnerability Assessments scans. By testing for known vulnerabilities, you can ensure your network, systems and applications are locked-down against the latest cyber threats. Being an automated process, scans can be run at regular intervals to increase your security.


Our vulnerability scanning service includes identification of threats to your assets through industry leading technologies, and regularly scheduled scans of both your external, and internal facing assets.


Our team of skilled security engineers help our clients beyond assessments and testing and into remediation and mitigation based on your risk appetite. From patching and upgrades through to overseeing new infrastructure implementation.


We provide vulnerability scanning of the target infrastructure, establishing a baseline and making compliance easier by adhering to various frameworks. Clear reporting of all security threats on an ongoing basis provides transparency.


Understanding your overall vulnerability posture is critical to protecting your organisation. Your assets produce a treasure trove of unstructured and unrelated raw data on authentication, access, system usage and more.

Essential Cyber Protection

Through consistent vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence models, 1Hacker can assist in identifying the threats and risks posed to your organisation by vulnerable software and systems.

These vulnerability identification techniques emulate those of a malicious outsider, giving your organisation confidence that our reporting results are actionable ways to remediate weaknesses before they can be exploited, directly increasing your security posture.

  • Increased efficiency with access to a team of experts and experience across offensive and defensive techniques, compliance, and risk.
  • Business risk approach – we help you identify the top concerns for your unique environment and structure vulnerability management accordingly.
  • Access to a suite of tools and technology for a fraction of the cost of having these internally.
  • 1Cyber’s team of skilled engineers can help you beyond scans and assessments into remediation and mitigation.
  • Customised threat intelligence solutions to your organisation with the ability to scale as necessary.

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