Vulnerability Assessment Service

Since attackers discover new sophisticated ways to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the corporate networks, applications, etc., vendors of information security services have to think several moves ahead and make up new ways to protect customers’ IT environments.

The security testing team detects and prioritizes security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure components and provides customers with further recommendations on how to mitigate them. They evaluate the protection level in your IT environment both with automated scanning tools and manually.

1Hacker’s vulnerability assessment services imply reasonable costs along with high quality. The qualifications of our information security team allow detecting vulnerabilities and finding weak points in the following components of the IT environment:


Classifying vulnerabilities allows 1Hacker security engineers to prioritize the findings according to the impact they may have in case of exploitation and direct your attention to the most critical weaknesses that need to be eliminated on a first-priority basis to avoid financial and security risks.

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