Vulnerability Assessment Service

Threats tend to occur where security officers expect them the least. Naturally, an intruder won’t spend months trying to force a well-locked door, but will look for weak points and vulnerabilities in those information systems where security isn’t a priority. The combination of negligence and seemingly minor vulnerabilities may end up with serious consequences and lead to the system being compromised. The acknowledged way to reduce such risks is to employ penetration testing.

To prevent your organization from possible breaches and reinforce existing security controls against a skilled attacker, 1Hacker’s team offers penetration testing services based on a custom plan of a multistep attack that targets custom network infrastructure and applications.

We recommend to fulfill a pentest in case if:

  • Regularly scheduled analysis and assessments are required by regulatory mandates.
  • New network infrastructure or applications were added.
  • Significant upgrades or modifications to infrastructure or applications were made.
  • New office locations were established.
  • End-user policies were modified.
  • Corporate IT was significantly changed.

3 Steps of a Penetration Test

Pre-attack phase / Planning

  • Defining the intruder model (internal or external, enabled rights and privileges).
  • Defining goals, source data, scope of work and testing targets.
  • Determining the scope of a target environment.
  • Developing the testing methodology.
  • Defining interaction and communication procedures.

Attack phase / Testing

  • Fieldwork, service identification.
  • Custom scanning or intrusion tools are developed if needed.
  • Vulnerabilities detection and scanning, elimination of false positives.
  • Vulnerabilities exploit and gaining an unauthorized access.
  • Utilization of compromised systems as a springboard for further intrusion.
  • Reporting

Post-attack phase / Reporting

  • Result analysis and reporting with recommendations for reducing risks.
  • Visual demonstration of the damage that can be inflicted to the system by an intruder.

Additionally, we can also eliminate the detected vulnerabilities.


At the end of the penetration testing procedure, we provide our customers with an extensive set of reports and recommendations to effectively eliminate the detected breaches:

  • Brief description based on the achieved results and findings.
  • List of detected system vulnerabilities and their classification according to how easy they are to exploit and how harmful for the system and business they may be.
  • List of changes in the system that were implemented during testing.
  • Test protocol (including instruments and tools used, parts that were checked and issues found).
  • Actionable recommendations to eliminate the revealed security issues.

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