Professional Cyber Security Incident Response

Quick, effective action when you need it most

Professional Cyber Security Incident Response

Quick, effective action when you need it most

Get your business back on track

1Hacker knows that being able to respond effectively to a cyber security incident is the key to recovering from attack. Our experienced incident responders are up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence and attacks, meaning we can act quickly to identify breach sources and compromise vectors and take positive action to remediate and get your business back on track.


Professional support is exercised throughout the cyber incident response coordination. Continuous communications is a priority


Our 24/7 Crisis Team are ready to respond. Waste no moment and contact us if you noticed something amiss. See something, say something.


1Hacker aims to quickly restore critical and vital business operations by terminating the source of threat as soon as it is identified.


1Hacker will provide tull post-incident support with reporting and recommendations to prevent future occurences.

Act today to secure tomorrow

Infrastructure, Network, Systems discovery takes time to scan and enquire. In order to provide the fastest response, it would always be ideal to initially engage 1Hacker team to perform these discovery tasks prior to any unplanned cyber attacks and outages.

1Hacker’s incident response is a based on a retainer service, enabling us to deliver lightning-fast response and recovery times. By pre-arranging the commercial structure and contract terms, our first action can be to start taking definite action to recover your business. An on-boarding security audit drives a pre-agreed response plan, so our Crisis Team will already be aware of technical infrastructure and stakeholder deals.

Security Framework

Our Security Incident Response process is set in three distinct stages, in-line with industry standards and best practices:

    An on-boarding security audit powers the CSIR framework through risk and impact assessments. We also agree commercial and contract terms.

    The 24/7 Crisis Team are on-hand ready to respond to an incident, including classification, initial triage, containment, and eradication.

    After you’ve initially recovered, 1Hacker are still on-hand to help with forensic services, reporting, recommendations and CSIR framework revision.

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Get In Touch With An Expert