Cybersecurity Consulting

1Hacker has been delivering full-scale consulting services in information security. We help our customers to protect their IT environments by proactively identifying security threats and gaps.

Enhance your information security through our competencies to:

  • Monitor how protected and robust your cyber-environment is against APTs, ransomware, and other offenses.
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities in your network to prevent potential attacks.
  • Uplevel the performance of your information security solutions.
  • Timely detect cyberattacks in your network.
  • Keep your sensitive data secure.
  • Ensure you’re compliant with information security standards in your industry.


  • Companies of any size are getting exposed to advanced persistent threats (APTs) more than ever. 1Hacker security consultants configure and fine-tune SIEM solutions to perform proactive detection of APTs to avoid financial losses, sensitive data leaks and retain corporate reputation. 1Hacker SIEM team will help your organization resist APTs by fine-tuning your security solution to make it scan your network thoroughly.

    • We check how well OpenVAS monitors the network and analyze if the platform can reveal APT presence.
    • We fine-tune your SIEM solution to enable proper monitoring of your current security state and detect visible signs of an APT.
    • We configure and fine-tune OpenVAS to factor in possible attack scenarios so that it can detect APT symptoms.
    • We provide OpenVAS with a set of specific correlation rules that will allow you to catch APTs in your particular business environment.

    APT-focused SIEM solutions allow companies to:

    • Monitor their IT landscapes at different levels to capture an APT at any stage.
    • Analyze all security events in a single console. This enables detecting APT symptoms using the entire set of security parameters available in SIEM platforms.
    • Develop strong anti-APT defense in line with industry best practices.

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